Directorate of Planning and Perfomance Management

  Dr. Samuel Onyuma, (PhD), Director






Message from the Director

The aspiration of this Directorate is to mainstream planning and performance management systems in the entire University operations, functions and processes geared towards steering the University to higher heights of development commensurate with a University status. This is achieved by ensure timely preparation of the Performance Contract in accordance with the guidelines provided by the relevant government agencies and submit the same for consideration by the University Management Board and Council. It also ensures favourable outcome during Performance Contract evaluation by monitoring implementation and compiling evidence of activities undertaken. Overall, we therefore ensure that there is coordinated planning, implementation of University Strategic Plan and Master Plans through the annual Performance Contracts and that timely reporting is done to the relevant government agencies. This is in addition to monitoring the University wide implementation of policies.

The University has continued to deploy Performance Contracting as one of the performance management tools in achieving its annual performance targets and ultimately its respective mandates. The Directorate has therefore seen the successful negotiation, vetting, evaluation and moderation of the University Council Performance Contracts and preparation of University Strategic Plan including implementation reports, as well as implementation of Rapid Results Initiatives among other milestones. This of course, depends on the support of all the staff in enabling the achievement of this aspiration. We welcome staff, students and all other stakeholders to the Directorate.

The Directorate of Planning & Performance Management is mandated to:

  1. Develop and regularly review performance management framework as aligned to the national performance management guideline and appraisal system, including performance management, indicators, targets, standards and weights;
  2. Coordinate the drafting of the University Council performance targets and weights for performance indicators;
  3. Coordinate implementation of performance contracting and annual work plans;
  4. Coordinate the mainstreaming of the performance contracting system including preparation of reports in the University;
  5. Compile and coordinate the announcement of performance evaluation results;
  6. Coordinate the development and review of University Strategic Plan and the Master Plan;
  7. Prepare Bi-annual Rolling Plans for the University’s Strategic Plan and the Master Plan;
  8. Coordinate activities that promote National Cohesion and National Values mainstreaming in the University;
  9. Coordinate monitoring and evaluation of University programs and projects;
  10. Undertake and coordinate disability mainstreaming in the University;
  11. Coordinate environmental management activities in the University;
  12. Undertake such other responsibility that may be assigned by the management.


The vision of the Directorate is to coordinate a seamless/mainstreamed planning and performance management function of the University resulting in excellent performance ranking.


  1. Improve the performance Contract Ranking for the University.
  2. Mainstream planning and performance management in the University.
  3. Mainstream National Values and National Cohesion in the University.
  4. Mainstream Disability activities in the University.
  5. Coordinate preparation of annual reports on planning, policies and performance contract.
  6. Ensure coordinated environmental management activities in the University.

Monitor the implementation of plans, policies and performance contract.

Directorates Activities & News


The Public Service Performance Management and Monitoring Unit under the Ministry of Public Service, Gender, Senior Citizens Affairs and Special Programs released the Report on Performance Contract Evaluation of Ministries, State Corporations and Tertiary Institutions for Financial Year 2020/2021. The Report show that Laikipia University has had an improved performance contract ranking compared to the previous financial year. Based on the performance of 353 Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) whose performance were evaluated, the University was ranked position 57 with a composite score of 2.9594, indicating Very Good Performance. Similarly, out of the 239 State Corporation, the University was rank 73 overall. From the Education sector, there were 38 Public Universities whose performance were evaluated, and the University was ranked position 24 overall.

Performance Contracting, as a medium for impelling implementation of University policies, projects and programs, aims at sustaining improvement in the performance of the University. The results of the annual performance evaluation have demonstrates the need to embrace and sustain best practices that lead to achievement of targeted results with a clear focus on our students, staff and other stakeholders. It is also a testation that as a University, we have improved efficiency and effectiveness in our accountability and service delivery to our various stakeholders, despite the effect of the COVID19 Pandemic during the same period.


The Directorate is currently involved in the following activities:

  1. Overseeing implementation of 6 Rapid Results Initiative Projects.
  2. Performance Contract Fourth Quarter and Annual Reports.
  3. Preparation for the FY 2021/2022 University Council Evaluation
  4. Preparation of the University Council FY 2022/2023 Performance Contract.
  5. Disability mainstreaming activities.
  6. Implementation of National Values and National Cohesion activities.
  7. Coordinating the Laikipia University Annual Environmental Week with aim of Planting 5000 trees.
  8. Preparation of the FY 2018/2019 -2021/2022 Strategic Plan Implementation Report.
  9. Preparation of Policies Implementation Reports.
  10. Preparation of the FY 2023/2024 – 2027/2028 Strategic Plan.


Staff Profiles

Image Name Designation Contacts

David Otieno Geoffrey 

Assistant Registrar

Leah Lentuta Administrative Assistant

Susan Koitee

Clerical Officer


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