Directorate of Planning and Perfomance Management


Dr. Samuel Onyuma


Mr. David Otieno

Assistant Registrar








The Directorate was established in 2013 following the split of the mega Directorate of Quality Assurance, Performance Contracting, Corruption Prevention and Public Complaints. The sole purpose of the Directorate is ensuring coordinated planning, implementation of University Strategic Plan and Master Plans through the annual Performance Contracts. The Directorate has seen the successful negotiation and vetting of the 2015/16 University Council Performance Contract, evaluation and moderation of the 2014/15 University Council Performance Contract, the finalization of the Laikipia University Strategic Plan 2015-2020 among other milestones.

The Directorate is headed by a Director with the assistance of a Coordinator.

The Directorate has responsibility over the following matters:

  • Coordinate the development or review of the University Strategic Plan and Master Plan.
  • Prepare bi-annual rolling plans from the University Strategic Plan and Master Plan.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the University Rolling Plans.
  • Drafting the University Council performance contract in line with the University Strategic Plan and Master Plan and in accordance with the Government performance contracting guidelines.
  • Coordinating the cascading of University Council performance contract targets to lower levels of the University.
  • Monitoring the implementation of performance contract through receipt and evaluation (in liaison with Directorate of Quality Assurance and Standards) of quarterly and annual performance reports from all heads of departments in the University.
  • Preparing the quarterly and annual University performance reports.
  • Monitoring and submission of quarterly and annual Council performance to the relevant Government agencies in the prescribed format; and
  • Updating the University Management Board through the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (AFP) on matters relating to implementation of performance contract, University Strategic Plan and the Master Plan.

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