Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laikipia a public or private University?

Laikipia University is a public university, fully supported and funded by the Government of Kenya.

Is Laikipia University chartered?

Yes. Laikipia University was chartered on 19th February, 2013. The award of Charter was presided over by His Excellency President Mwai Kibaki.

How many campuses does Laikipia University have?

Laikipia University has the main campus, with a total enrolment of approximately 10,000 students

  • Main Campus, located 11Kms from Nyahururu town

What are the MINIMUM qualification requirements for admission?


  • Doctoral (PhD): Relevant master’s degree
  • Masters: Relevant degree
  • Bachelors: C+ (plus)
  • Diploma: C (plain)
  • Certificate: D+ (plus)

Where is laikipia University located?

Laikipia University is located in Laikipia County, along the Nyahururu-Nakuru Highway. It is situated approximately 11KM from Nyahururu town and 50KM from Nakuru town.

Are laikipia University programmes accredited by the Commission for University Education (CUE)?

Yes. All academic programmes offered in the university are accredited by the Commission and recognized all over the world. No public university is allowed to offer programmes that have not been subjected to the rigorous accreditation process.

Is there accommodation for students?

Yes. Laikipia University provides accommodation to students. The bed space within the University is however not sufficient to cater for all students. There are enough affordable hostels within a radius of 3Kms from the university. The hostels are inspected by the university and recommend those that meet habitable standards.

How many programmes are on offer at Laikipia University?

There are 28 degree academic programmes ( bachelors, masters and doctoral) offered which are organized within four schools (faculties); School of Education, School of Humanities and Development Studies, School of Science and Applied Technology and School of Business and Economics. In addition, certificates and diploma courses are also offered.

What are the modes of study?

Full time, Part time (both weekends and evenings) and  school based.

When are new students admitted?

Admissions to laikipia University occurs as follows:

  • Government sponsored students: September
  • Self- sponsored students: September, January and May
  • Self-sponsored school based students: April, August and December

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