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  Prof. Enos Barasa,  PhD
  Dean, School of Education






Message from the Dean

Welcome to Laikipia University School of Education, our vision is to be a globally competitive hub in the preparation of professional educationalists, educational counselors, agricultural extension officers and researchers for enhancement of the welfare of humanity. The School of Education warmly welcomes you to the academic pursuit of your academic programmes. The School offers four programmes, which have been approved by the University Senate. The programmes prepares students for a career in teaching, Education and Management, Curriculum Development, Guidance and Counselling and Agricultural Extension Education. The School is a Centre of Excellence for courses in Education and in a special way, I would say that students would find it to be a home away from your home.  The School is proud to have produced the best teacher of the year award for the years 2016 and 2019 in Kenya.

Brief Introduction of the School of Education

The School has continuously grown from  Egerton University College Campus since the 1990. This followed the recommendations of a Government Committee appointed to look into modalities of absorbing a double intake of “O” level and “A” level students from Secondary Schools. It was meant to offer Education courses for graduate teacher-training. Since then, the University has grown in student numbers and staff and it is the largest School with an enrolment of more than 5,000 (four thousands) registered students in various education programmes. This enrollment forms 50% of the University’s student population.

The school of Education has two Departments; Department of Curriculum and Education Management, and Department of Psychology, Counselling and Education Foundations. At the moment, the School has four (4) Bachelor of Education programmes, a Diploma in Education (Arts) programme,  several Post Graduate degree programmes and also offers service to Bachelor of Psychology programme. The Bachelor of Psychology program  is domiciled in the department of Public and Enviromental Studies school of HDS and serviced by the Department of Psychology, Counselling and Education Foundations in the school of Education. The school offers the following educational courses:

  1. Diploma in Education (Arts) programme

The Bachelor of Education programmes are:

  1. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  2. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  3. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Education and Extension – AGED)
  4. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Development Education – ECDE)

The duration of each Bachelor of Education programme takes four (4) academic years, where each year consists of two (2) Semesters and a semester is fifteen (15) weeks.

The Post graduate degree programme is meant to provide further education and training to those aspiring to be senior educators

  1. Post graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

The Master of Education programmes are:

  1. Master of education in Educational Management
  2. Master of Education in Guidance and Counselling

The Doctor of Philosophy programmes are:

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Education Management
  2. Doctor of Philosophy in Guidance and Counselling

Our Mission

To provide academic excellence in the field of education through teacher training and educational research a view to delivering high-quality professional service that meets the expectations of the education sector globally.

Our Goal

Education should provide for the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enhance acquisition of sound moral values and help students to grow up into self-disciplined, self-reliant and integrated citizens.

School Structure

The School of Education has an academic Dean who is the academic and administrative head of the School in accordance with the statues of Laikipia University.

The School comprises departments headed by chairpersons as the academic and administrative heads. We have the following departments charged with the various activities.

  1. Psychology, Counselling and Educational Foundations
  2. Curriculum and Educational Management

Students Advising
Each student will be allocated an academic supervisor who will assist them through their academic well-being in the University. The advisor will be one of the lecturers in various departments.

Deferment of studies
Students who may wish to defer studies must get permission to do so. This is done by applying to the Registrar (AA) through the academic dean.

Course registration
Registration of courses is handled by respective Chairs of Departments. You are advised to seek for advice before you choose particular subject of study. We have a variety of subject combination from which you will make your choice.
Inter-School Transfers
There may be students who might want to study other disciples not available in the School. They will be allowed to fill in Inter-School transfer forms within the first two weeks. They will then be informed of the results of their applications in due course.

Detailed Programmes - information per programme (Admission requirements, Duration, Degree structure, Examinations, Brochures)

Admission Criteria and Procedure

1. Subject Enhancement in Bachelor of Agricultural Education & Extension Bachelors in AGEC with a shortfall of one teaching subject KShs.500/=
2. Subject Enhancement in Bachelor of  Education (Arts)  BEd with a shortfall of one teaching subject
3. Diploma in Education (Arts)


ENG C MATH D+ two teaching subjects C+

4. Postgraduate Diploma in Education Relevant degree with 2 teaching subjects
5. Bachelor of Agricultural Education  and Extension



6. Bachelor of Education (Science)


ENG C MATH C two teaching subjects C+

7. Bachelor of Education (Arts)


ENG C MATH D+ two teaching subjects C+

8. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Development) ENG C MATH D+ two teaching subjects C+
9. Masters of Education in Education Management BEd degree 2nd class Hons (Upper division) OR Second class Hons (Lower division) with 2 years’ experience KShs.2000/=
10. Masters of Education in Guidance and Counselling
11. Doctor of Philosophy in Education Management Relevant Masters degree Kshs.2,000/=
12. Doctor of Philosophy in Guidance and Counselling

Application forms are available from the office of the Registrar (Academic Affairs) OR can be downloaded from our website: Duly completed forms should be submitted with the original receipt of appropriate application fee.   

All Staff Profiles

Office of the Dean School of Education

  1. Ms. Janet Lagat
  2. Ms Naomi Mugambi
  3. Mr Joseph Maina Ngunjiri
  4. Ms Lucy Mwangi
  5. Ms Winnie Musau

Department of Curriculum and Education Management

  1. Prof. Mbuthia Ngunjiri, PhD
  2. Prof. John Kanjogu Kiumi, PhD
  3. Dr. Isaac G.Gitogo,  PhD 
  4. Dr. Charity Chemnjor, PhD
  5. Dr. Margaret Ngugi, PhD
  6. Dr. Peter Githae Kaboro, PhD
  7. Prof. Robert Bisonga Mwebi, PhD
  8. Dr. Stephen Lekalgitale, PhD
  9. Dr. Rose Nyambura, PhD
  10. Dr. Ronald Nyamwamu,  PhD
  11. Ms. Miriam Jerotich Kiptui

Department of Psychology, Counselling and Educational Foundations

  1. Prof. Enos Barasa Mukadi, PhD
  2. Dr. Naftal M. Nyang’ara, PhD
  3. Dr. Isaac Wanjohi King’ori, PhD
  4. Dr. Lucy Wangechi Mureithi, PhD
  5. Dr Prisca Kiptoo Tarus, PhD
  6. Dr Janerose Mayabi, PhD
  7. Dr Lydya Waiya, PhD
  8. Mr. Philip Mugo

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