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LU is committed to becoming a reputable research-intensive destination that drives creativity and discovery with its community of research.


To intensify quantity and quality research into the University education and training programmes through outreach, partnerships, mentorship and consultancy support services.

To build the reputation of LU as a destination of choice for leading research talents by providing an environment for creativity and discovery.
Specific objectives
  1. To facilitate conduct of relevant and contemporary research for promotion of scholarship and society development.
  2. To provide an environment in which researchers can conduct relevant research.
  3. To disseminate research findings for societal consumption.
  4. To enhance community outreach and close collaboration with partners.
  5. To develop mechanisms for sustainable funding for supporting LU research.

Core Values

  • Quality,
  • Integrity and
  • Respect
  1. Overview of programmes
    • LU continues to build its reputation as a university of choice for attracting research talent; one that facilitates an environment in which researchers can be creative and proactive.
    • The directorate will continue to forge relevant research activities to stimulate economic growth and social transformation which feed back into the wealth and well-being of society.
    • To achieve its objectives the following programmes are conceived;
  2. Research promotion, dissemination and publications
  3. Collaboration and partnership
  4. Community outreach
  5. Student mentorship
  6. Innovations and commercialisation
  7. Research resources mobilisation and funding
  8. Consultancy
  9. On-going programmes
  • Research support through competitive calls for research proposal
  • Outreach collaboration and partnerships
  • Student mentorship for research
  • University publications and newsletters

Research strategy

LU is committed to becoming a renowed university by the quantity and quality of research that is conducted by its research community. It endevours to be a centre of research intensity where innovation is supported in pursuit of research objectives.
Fundamental, participatory and applied research is the thrust of the Research Directorate to encourage researchers’ activities.


  1. Facilitating Funding for research.
  2. Organizing Seminars and Conferences at the University .
  3. Disseminating research findings and conference/seminar outputs.
  4. Motivating of staff and student to conduct research.
  5. Strengthening capacity building in research.
  6. Promoting quality publication in the University supported journals.
  7. Disbursing of research and innovation funds to staff on a competitive basis.
  8. Increasing research and funding to income-generating activities (IGAs) aimed to strengthening the
  9. Promoting University -Community-Industry linkages.

Researchers’ groups
LU is dedicated to innovation and intellectual discovery, where research cover a broad range of themes from time to time. While the university recognises the vital contribution made by researchers working on their own, teams and multi-disciplinary groups are encouraged .

Research funding
LU research Directorate will strive to attract funding from external sources to supplement internal funding sources in order to support promising and relevant research pursuits. Schemes will be developed to facilitate the research objects.

This is the data base that holds all articles, theses, dissertations, reports, proceedings and books produced and authored by LU community and other scholars. They may be full texts but if not available, the data base will hold a description of summary.

Working with LU
This section provides an insight into the life of a researcher at LU from seeking options available to developing research assignments with the University;

  • Options
  • Research policy
  • Intellectual Property

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