Graduate School

Prof. Wendo Nabea, PhD

Graduate School is focused on promoting academic excellence at the University and providing the highest quality and relevant graduate education that prepares holistic graduates who are expected to contribute to the resolution of complex national and global problems to meet societal needs and transform society. The School advocates on behalf of graduate students and endeavors to foster harmonious coordination across all graduate programmes and among all internal and external key players.

Graduate School is operationalized through a Postgraduate Studies policy that sets the guidelines and the standards of service rendered to our postgraduate students, staff and stakeholders. It sets out the principles underpinning the management of admissions, course durations, examinations, proposal evaluations and examination of theses and/or projects. The policy is thus committed to the provision of quality service to all our clients and stakeholders. This commitment is made possible through the Board of Graduate School whose members are appointed, in accordance with Laikipia University Statute XXI, on very specific terms with the running of the School.

The Board of Graduate School has responsibility over the following matters:

  1. Promote graduate education at local, national and international levels;
  2. Provide quality control for all aspects of graduate education and establish policies and standards that define good practice in all graduate programmes;
  3. Represent the interests of graduate students in the University;
  4. Provide strategic planning and vision for graduate education at Laikipia University;
  5. Fundraise for graduate programmes and education;
  6. Promote internationalization of the Laikipia University graduate studies;
  7. Take lead in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of graduate school curriculum; and
  8. Exercise such other powers or perform such other functions as may be assigned or delegated to it by Senate.

The constitution of the current Board of Graduate Studies is as follows:

  1. Prof. Wendo Nabea Director Graduate School - Chairperson
  2. Dr. Janerose Mayabi - Rep. School of Education
  3. Dr.Samuel O. Onyuma - Rep. School of Business and Economics
  4. Dr. William W. Mwangi - Rep. School of Science and Applied Technology
  5. Prof. Nicholas Kamau Goro - Director Research, Innovation and Consultancy
  6. Dr John Wahome - Director Examination and Timetabling
  7. Ms. Peris Kiilu - University Librarian
  8. Administrator to the School  - Secretary

We look forward to welcoming you to Laikipia University Graduate School.


  1. Student’s Progress Report
  2. Notice of Intention to Submit a Research Thesis/Project
  3. School Certificate of Correction
  4. Graduate School Certificate of Correction
  5. Publications Clearance From
  6. Guidelines in Preparing Research Proposals
  7. Guidelines for Preparing Research Thesis
  8. Guidelines for Preparing History Research Proposal and Thesis
  9. Proposal Forwarding Form
  10. Movement of Students Proposal and Other Documents
  11. Language Editing Certification Form
  12. Specific Guidelines for Preparing Literature Studies Proposals and Theses
  13. Research Project/Thesis Log Book

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