Erick Wambugu Profile

   Name of faculty/Staff: Mr. Erick Wambugu Maina

   Designation/Rank: Broadcaster

   Laikipia University: School of Humanities and Development Studies




Educational Background/Qualification:

  • Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication, Mount Kenya University (2015)
  • Diploma in Theology, Lamp & Light of Kenya (2014)
  • Kenya Certificate Secondary Education, Streams of Hope Boys High School (2012)
  • Kenya Certificate Primary Education, Crater Primary School (2008)

Brief Auto-biography of the Faculty/Staff:

Mr. Erick is an energetic, accredited broadcaster at Laikipia University with an experience of over 7 years. He is known to lead heated debates about various issues affecting community around and the country at Lu Radio 89.2FM. He also assists in student projects/research practical classes and course and keeping student’s records e.g. attendance, practical allocations and loss and breakage records. He is committed and dedicated to his work and offers quality services in School of Humanities and Development Studies.

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