Dr. Isaac Gitogo Profile

   Name of Faculty/Staff: Dr. Isaac G. Gitogo

   Designation/Rank: Lecturer

   Laikipia University: School of Education

   Email: igitogo@laikipia.ac.ke




A    Educational Background/Qualification:

  1. PhD degree in Curriculum Studies, Moi University, Kenya (2018)
  2. Master of Education in Curriculum and  Instruction, Egerton University Kenya (2005)
  3. Bachelor of Education (Arts), Kenyatta University (1987)

B    Brief Auto-biography

Dr. Isaac G. Gitogo is a seasoned educator with over 37 years of dedicated service in the Kenyan education sector. He brings a wealth of experience to Laikipia University, contributing significantly in the university pursuit of transforming society through his unwavering dedication in teaching, administration, and impactful research.

Professional Journey:

Dr. Gitogo commenced his career as a secondary school teacher in 1987, fostering educational growth in different secondary schools in Kenya up to 1998. His leadership potential made him to be moved to Ministry of Education headquarters where he served as an education administrator in several Counties in Kenya until 2013. Joining Laikipia University in 2013, Dr. Gitogo has been a driving force behind the success of the Department of Curriculum and Educational Management that has had well rounded teachers with unrivalled skills delivering curriculum in Kenya learning institution as an output.He has served as a chair of the department as well as a member of the department outreach programme. The initiative aims to elevate academic standards in primary and secondary schools within the university's vicinity showcasing his dedication to community engagement as well. His commitment to creating an enabling environment for learners at all levels reflects his passion for education.

Leadership Roles:

Coordinator of Open Distance and e-Learning (ODeL):

Recognizing the importance of technology in education, the university took keen interest in his passion for technology in education and appointed Dr. Gitogo to pioneer e-Learning as the first Coordinator of ODeL at Laikipia University. In this role, he oversees the training of faculty and students on the use of the university Learning Management System. This initiative aims to enhance the learning experience, fostering engagement and aligning with the university's shift towards a student-centered approach in line with Competency-Based Education. University core courses are being taught online as well as a number of lectures adopting blended learning through the initiative of ODeL.

Chairperson Laikipia University Benevolent Fund

Dr. Gitogo's commitment to assisting others extends beyond the classroom, as evidenced by his role as the Chairperson of the Laikipia University Staff Benevolent Fund. In this capacity, he fosters a sense of community among university staff, providing crucial support during times of distress, reflecting his dedication to the well-being of the entire academic family.

C    Areas of Specialization

  1. Curriculum Studies
  2. Online Leaning

D    Research Interest

  1. Education with biased in Curriculum
  2. Online and Distant Education

E    All Publications

  1. "Effect of private Primary school background on students’ performance and perception of learners. Environment in Public Secondary Schools. A case of Nyandarua District Kenya." Journal of Technology and Education in Nigeria – vol 10 no. 1 (2005):
  2. "Relationship between KCPE and KCSE Examination Performance among Secondary School Students with a Public and Private Primary School Background. A Case of Nyandarua County, Kenya." Researchjournali’s Journal of Education (Vol. 4. No. 6 (2016)):
  3. "Head Teachers Capacity Building and Availability of the Required Learning Resources for Effective Social Studies Syllabus Change, A Case of Nakuru County, Kenya." Asian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (Vol. 4 Issue 1, 2016):
  4. "The Influence of Primary School Background on Academic Achievement of Students Admitted to Academic Selective National Secondary Schools. A Case of the Alliance High Schools, Kenya." International Interdisciplinary Journal of Scientific Research (Vol. 3 No. 2 (2017)):
  5. "The Predictive Validity of KCPE Examination Mean Scores On The Secondary School Examinations Mean Scores. A Case Study of Alliance National Secondary Schools, Kenya." Researchjournali’s Journal of Education (Vol. 5. No. 9 (2017)):

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