Dr. Evelyn Mahero Profile

   Name: Dr. Evelyn Mahero

   Designation: Lecturer

   Laikipia University: School of Humanities and Development Studies

   Email: emahero@laikipia.ac.ke


Educational Background:

  • PhD: Applied Linguistics, Laikipia University (2015)
  • Masters: Language and Linguistics, Egerton University (2007)
  • Bachelors in Education Arts (First Class Honors) Egerton University (2001)

Brief Auto-biography

Evelyn Mahero is a lecturer in the department of Literary and Communication studies. Her specialization field is Applied Linguistics that includes Critical Discourse Analysis especially in the area of Language and Gender, Language and Power, Language and Culture, and Language and Ideology.

Selected Publications

  1. Mahero, E. (2019). Ideology, identity and power: The Gikuyu female referencing system. International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences, 4(1), 170-174.
  2. Khasndi, V., Wandera, S., Mahero, E., & Ndegwa, F. (2019). Ethical considerations in rewarding of sports winners: A comparison of traditional Luhyia community and contemporary systems. Coretrain Journal of Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, (1), 36-45.
  3. Mahero, E. (2018). Traditional female initiation (TFI) as ideology and power in the language system of the Samburu in Kenya: Rethinking the fight against FGM. Coretrain Journal of Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education 1, 51-69
  4. Mahero, E., & Ndoro, P. (2016). Female genital mutilation referencing: An impediment to literacy in girls and women among the Samburu people of Kenya. Journal of Education and Human Resource, 8(1), 97-115
  5. Mahero, E., Aswani, F.O., & Mubia, M. (2015). Morphophonemic changes of loan words from English into Olukabrasi, A dialect of the Oluluhyia Language of Western Kenya. RUWAZA AFRICA Journal of Contemporary Research in Humanities and Social Sciences, 3, 1-13.
  6. Mahero, E., Khasandi, V., Ndegwa, F., Mubia, M. & Wakoko, M. (2014). The Samburu Traditional Communicative Ornamentation: Identity and FGM in Kenya. International Journal of Social Sciences and Entrepreneurship, 1 (11), 47-60.

Research Interest

Areas of research interest include: Language and Gender, Language and Power, Language and Identity, Language and discrimination, Language and nativization, Language and classroom learning, Language and Ideology, Language and Culture, among other related areas.

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