Department of Economics

  Dr. Stella Muhanji, PhD
  Chairperson, Department of Economics






Welcome to the Department of Economics

The department was established in the year 2013 and has continuously nurtured students, academic teaching staff and academic researchers who can adapt to dynamic approaches of providing solution(s) to societal problem of resource allocation.

The department aims at nurturing economists to address resource allocation problems in both private and public sectors for the attainment of Kenya’s and Africa development policies in the below areas;

  • Housing and Transport sectors
  • Health and Labor sectors
  • Energy and Environment sectors
  • Trade and Finance sectors
  • Agricultural sector


Establish an identity as a department of high standard of teaching, consultancy and research in economics


Equip students, academic teaching staff and academic researchers with advanced knowledge and skill sets to address real world economic problems; undertake consultancy and cutting edge research on contemporary economic issues.

Current Undergraduate programmes

  • Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Economics and Statistics
  • Bachelor of Arts  (BA) in Economics and Sociology
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics and History
  • Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Agricultural Economics

The above undergraduate programmes in economics are structured to contribute to the students liberal education with a multiplicity of various combinations. The programmes impart analytical skills and intellectual maturity to comprehend complexities in the working of an economy.

The above programmes provide a sound theoretical basis in economic theory and quantitatives in the first two years of the studies and specializations, applications and industrial attachment are undertaken in the third and fourth year of the studies.

Proposed Future programmes

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Masters of Economics

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