Laikipia University Radio Hits the Airwaves

The Laikipia University Radio (89.2 FM) was officially launched on 26th April, 2022 by Mr Johnson Nanjakululu on behalf of Amb. Simon Nabukwesi, the Principal Secretary, State Department for University Education and Research. The auspicious event was attended by representatives from the Laikipia University Council, the University Management Board, members of staff, students, other stakeholders and partners.    This was preceded by a promotion campaign that was held on 25th April, 2022; where a team of University students and members of staff set out on a roadshow around the neighbouring towns and centres with the aim of introducing the radio to various listeners in the neighbouring community.

The University made an application for community FM sound broadcasting frequency on 7th February,  2018 to Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) with a 50 km broadcast range; two months later on 13th April, 2018 the radio frequency 89.2FM was granted to the University.

Upon fulfilment of CAK’s requisite infrastructure installations such as a 20 meter guyed mast, radio production unit and sound proof secure area, the University applied for a Community Broadcasting Licence on 8th February, 2021. Following the necessary CAK’s inspections and upon gazettement, the University was eventually granted a Community Broadcasting Licence on 23rd March 2022.

Laikipia University Radio is expected to offer opportunities for attachment to students who have demonstrated the right competencies and skills in Radio Broadcasting. The radio is envisaged to be an important vehicle for disseminating Laikipia University output. Through this radio, Laikipia University will partner with farmers in the country side in sharing knowledge that will make them improve their productivity. The University will also share knowledge with the community on; health, business, innovation, technology, and investments.

The Laikipia University Radio was inspired by the desire to enhance the University’s corporate image, visibility and competitiveness. The radio will be used as a media training centre for students undertaking Media Studies at the department of Literary and Communication Studies where they would acquire and apply the right broadcast skills required by the media industry. Further, it is hoped that research output, knowledge, entertainment and other experiences would be shared with the community. The radio will also provide real-time information to the listeners as well as giving the voice to the voiceless.  The radio opens the University to the world where our students will have a competitive advantage in the world of broadcast.

Community radio remains a major platform in shaping opinions of the communities in the area, so that they remain in favour of peace, considering that the country is heading to the polls in August 2022.It is therefore important that information shared out should be used to facilitate peaceful social dialogue and build trust and resilience between and among different communities in Kenya.

Laikipia University Radio prides itself in seeking creativity, talent development and establishing itself as a reliable outlet for entertaining listeners and informing them of local and international happenings.




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