Laikipia University Participates in the Ol Moran Peace Mission

On 23rd May, 2024, Laikipia University’s National Cohesion and Values Committee, led by Prof. Wendo Nabea and Dr. Samuel Onyuma, in collaboration with Mr. Albert Lemasulani, CEO of Co-operation for Peace and Development (CoPAD-Kenya), conducted a peace mission to Ol Moran in Laikipia County, a region plagued by historical land conflicts and resource-related skirmishes. The delegation, received by the Assistant County Commissioner Mr. Amos Mbugua, highlighted the university’s commitment to community outreach and peace-building.

They conducted activities including peace talks, tree planting at Ol Moran Comprehensive School, and a community baraza to foster dialogue and reconciliation. The event, which was also graced by local leaders such as Mr. Orata, Deputy County Commissioner, Mr. Jillo Duba, Sub-County Director of Education, and Mr. Gideon Ikiugu, Sub-County TSC Director, underscored the significance of peaceful coexistence and environmental stewardship, aligning with the University's mission of contributing to the world through Education, Research, Training, Consultancy, Innovation, Outreach and Collaboration.

During the visit, the University donated 400 tree seedlings to various institutions in OlMoran, with 200 planted at Ol Moran Comprehensive School. The peace talks, led by Prof. Wendo Nabea and Mr. Lemasulani, emphasised the importance of peace and environmental conservation, encouraging students and community members to act as peace ambassadors.

Community members appreciated the University's efforts and requested further engagement, including training workshops and educational support. The mission concluded with recommendations for ongoing peace missions, formal partnerships with CoPAD-Kenya, and enhanced outreach and educational initiatives to improve local school performance and community cohesion.


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