Laikipia University Counsellors at KUPCA Workshop at Chuka University

The counselling section is actively engaged in promoting students' well-being. From 22nd to 24th May 2024, the University Counsellors attended a refreshing Kenya Universities Professional Counsellors Association (KUPCA) Workshop at Chuka University. KUPCA is an association comprising all university professional counsellors across the country. It has an objective of bringing all the university counsellors together for round-table discussions, benchmarking and peer supervision, as they source a common way forward to address issues affecting students in the university environment.

This year's discussion was based on the theme: ‘Emerging Issues and Trends: Mental Health in Universities in Kenya.’

Among the topics discussed in length were;

  • Life in Campus Today; social media, cults, LGBTQ+ and their implications on mental health.
  • Life in Campus; sponsors, drugs and culture of immediate gratification, Its implications and interventions.
  • Addictions; Symptoms, causes and interventions.
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Life Skills.

All this is meant to refresh the counsellors to ensure quality service delivery to all students. The Students Affairs department continues to unleash its commitment to ensuring students’ psycho-social well-being is prioritised for a smooth learning environment for all of them.

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