Day 2 of Laikipia University 5th Biennial International Conference

LU 5th Biennial International Conference is in its second day at the Main Campus.  Delegates have had interactive sessions and presented papers on various sub themes in relation to climate change action including; Agriculture Food Systems; Environmental Conservation; Indigenous Knowledge and Education for Sustainable Development; Sustainable Energy; Water Health, Sanitation and Safety; Gender and Human Rights; Science, Technology and Innovation; Communication, Creative Solutions, Literature and Artificial Intelligence; Civil Society, Ethical and Moral Issues; Policy , Devolution and Governance ; Economics, Business and Management.

The day’s keynote address was presented by Dr. Katrine Soma, PhD, Senior Researcher at Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands; and Ms. Nancy Mudenyo Hunt, CEO - Nasio Trust Organisation, Kenya on the sub theme: Water, Health, Sanitation and Safety and the focus was on Spirulina as an agent of change in Rural Urban Food Systems. Spirulina is a plant, a type of blue-green algae that grows both in salty and fresh water and has a lot of nutritional significance to the human body. In addition to that it also come along with economic significance. The case study of the research was highlighted and still practiced in Nyeri, Kibera, Kakamega, Kisumu/Busia, Solio and Sagana in Laikipia.

World Health Organization (WHO) facts and figures shows that inadequate water is the leading cause of issues relating to hygiene, health and safety. With regard to Spirulina, the team were able to establish fish farming in Nyeri and its market was in Kibera. Spirulina is used as food for fish as well, it can also be consumed in different forms including capsules. The nutritional benefits of it being that Spirulina is rich in proteins, copper, potassium, manganese, zinc and calcium. It also help in fighting anaemia, blood pressure, arthritis and it acts as a detoxificant. It is as such an important factor that helps in combating challenges facing health, sanitation and Safety as well as Economic crisis by reducing unemployment.

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