Department of Public Affairs and Environmental Studies

  Dr. Kenneth O. Nyangena,
  Ag. Chairman of  Department





On behalf of the Department of Public Affairs and Environmental Studies staff, let me take this opportunity to welcome all of you to Laikipia University, and by extension, to the Department. The Department offers various undergraduate as well as postgraduate programmes. It also offers service in teaching subjects for the Bachelor of Education programme in the School of Education.

Post Graduate Degree Programmes
  • Master of Arts in History
  • Master of Arts in Religious Studies

Degree Programmes

  • Bachelor of Arts in Peace Education
  • Bachelor of Science (Geography)
  • Bachelor of Police Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Community Development
  • Bachelor of Arts (History and Economics)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Sociology)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminology & Security Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Records and Archives Management
  • Diploma in Peace Education
  • Diploma in Police Science
  • Diploma in Community Development

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Public Administration & County Governance
  • Certificate in Community Development
  • Certificate in Police Science

The department also offers service to the School of Education in the following teaching subject combinations:

  1. History/Religion
  2. Religion/Kiswahili
  3. History/Geography
  4. History/Business Studies
  5. Religion/Business Studies
  6. Religion/Geography
  7. History/Kiswahili
  8. Geography/Mathematics
  9. Geography /Business Studies
  10. Geography /Economics
  11. Geography/Kiswahil

Welcome to the Department of Public Affairs and Environmental Studies.

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