Dr. Stephene LekalgteleDr. Stephen Lekalgitele, PhD
Ag. Campus Director

Maralal Campus is situated on a 600-acre piece of land granted by the County Council of Samburu to Laikipia University from the 1,600-acre Namotio Farm. The Campus is located 5 kms west of Maralal Town, and is adjacent to Maralal High School.

To enhance access to university education in Maralal Town, a Town Campus has been opened at the District Centre for Early Childhood Education (DICECE) next to Samburu County administrative headquarters. The Centre  offers Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate Programmes on full-time, school-based and part-time basis.
The launching of Maralal Campus in January 2011 was received with a lot of excitement, support and appreciation by the local leaders and the community.

Currently, the campus has 9 full-time teaching staff and 17 non-teaching staff members, who are headed by the Campus Director; The campus has four sections namely;

  1. Academic Programmes, coordination headed by Dr. Stephen Lekalgitele
  2. Administration, headed by Ms. Magdalene Kanjogu
  3. ICT, headed by Mr. Andrew Namulanda
  4. Examinations and Timetabling, headed by Dr. Nderitu Nelson

When the campus began in September 2011, 76 students were admitted to different courses at different levels. Currently, the Campus has an enrollment of 560 students.


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