2022/2023 First Years Orientation

The 2022/2023 First Year Orientation begun on 29th August, 2022 to 2nd September, 2022 where the first year students were officially ushered into the University. The students were introduced to the various departments as they received heartwarming welcoming messages and words of wisdom from various members of the University. The students were also taken on a physical tour of the University Library and were introduced to library use.

The students also had a chance to listen to external speakers from NACADA and St. Martin Catholic Apostolate.  The NACADA Officials gave a detailed talk on drug and substance abuse and the effects thereof.

The male students had a Man to Man Talk while the female students had the Woman to Woman talk where each group was taken through the various issues affecting each gender. Several topics were covered during this talk. Issues of mental health were also addressed. This was done by the officers from St. Martin Catholic Apostolate.

On the last day of the orientation week, the students had a chance to be addressed by the top University Management team led by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kibett Rotich. The climax of the day was marked by the famous Vice Chancellor’s Luncheon.

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