DOSPO_Mrs.-Lydia-Waiya-MEd_CODCOD Sports Science
Mrs. Lydia Waiya, MEd.

The Department is relatively new and targets sports managers and administrators in the sports industry. Due to the increasing importance of sports in Kenya, the demand for qualified personnel has continued to rise. The learners will be equipped with necessary skills and knowledge on sports management and administration, sports sciences, talent identification and development, sports research, financial management and accounting in sports, sports tourism and marketing, sports psychology and sociology, among others.
The programs we offer include:

  • Certificate in Sports Science and Management
  • Diploma
  • Degree
  • Post Graduate Diploma

We also hold seminars and workshops as refresher courses from time to time.
Our programs aim at training sports personnel at all academic levels with relevant knowledge.
The University also intends to set up an International High Altitude Sports Training and Research Centre which aims at improving sports performance through high altitude training.

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