Dr Eliud KirigiaDr. Eliud Kirigia, PhD
Chair of Department

Welcome to the Department of Literary and Communication Studies.

The Department has programmes in the following disciplines:

  • Literature
  • English Language and Linguistics
  • Communication and Media
  • Library and information Studies
  • Journalism


  • BA English and Communication
  • BA Kiswahili na Mawasiliano
  • BA Communication & Media
  • BSC Library and Information Studies (BLINS)

The Department also offers English and Kiswahili to Bachelor of Education and Diploma in Education Students. Communication Skills is a University common core course offered by the Department to all year one students. Every student registered at Laikipia University must take and pass this course before graduating.


  • Master of Journalism & Mass Communication
  • MA Applied Linguistics
  • MA Kiswahili na Mawasiliano
  • MA Literature
  • PhD in the above

FRENCH is offered at Certificate and Diploma levels.

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